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Articles about education in Uzbekistan and England

Reviews and opinions

English for schools
Jan. 22, 2020

English for schools

The private school Redbridge Schools offers intensive English language training for Your children. Constant practice of speaking and communicating with your peers and qualified teachers will allow you to quickly and easily switch to communicating in English.

To do this, the country has created a national reform team consisting of leading expert…

Private and public schools
Jan. 21, 2021

Private and public schools

<h2>When comparing a private school and a public one, several points can be distinguished.</h2>

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    <li>The class is not packed to capacity - there are 18 students in Redbridge< / li>
<li>No child abuse< / li>
<li>For children with poor diction, a speech ther…

Teacher in a private school
March 23, 2021

Teacher in a private school

— полная занятость 
— 8:00-17:15
— зарплата по итогам работы и часовой нагрузки, до 700$
— 5 дней в неделю.
— бесплатное питание в рабочей день. 
— опыт работы минимум 2 года
— грамотное знание русского языка
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