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Xususiy bolalar bog'chasi

in Samarkand and Tashkent

We carefully build the environment in which children live, and make sure that it is always inspiring, eco-friendly and enriched with all the necessary materials. Our environment is a safe space for self-expression and learning about the world side by side with a team of Redbridge professionals!

Children's health is a priority of our work.

Small groups ( 10 children available) *

In the morning, strict admission of children to groups by a health worker, oxygen cocktails, salt caves, UV lamps. Dezars and humidifiers - allow us to achieve high attendance in our gardens ( 95% or more). (Healthy baby program")

 Food is better than at home. We prepare Delicious food products

Five meals a day, balanced, made in compliance with the SANPIN standards, delicious, prepared in the garden by a professional chef, from high-quality products of the Taste Fork ( insert the logo). Without using semi-finished products! We even bake bread for our children in the garden ourselves.We are also preparing a special. food for children with food allergies. (Menu)

Security-organized at the highest level.

The presence of our own fenced areas, security guards, intercoms and online video surveillance (cameras are installed in all rooms and on playgrounds), allow us to guarantee the absolute safety of children's stay in the kindergarten and the ability to control the parents of their child at any time.

Education-all inclusive!

Training in the garden is carried out according to an integrated program. We took the standard state system as a basis and added a lot of additional classes to it. This makes it possible to ensure the continuity of pre-school and school education in the future.  Additional free classes ( children's fitness, speech therapy, dance, vocal, art classes, LEGO construction, English, preparation for school) free parents from the need for additional visits to clubs and sections.(Classes)

 We accept children from 1 year of age in our gardens.

You can give us your baby from a year old, it is enough for the child to be able to walk, and everything else (potty training, eating independently...) we will teach the child ourselves.

In the gardens of Gornitsa-Uzornitsa groups of three age categories: children from 1 to 3 years, the middle group-children from 3 to 4.5 years and the older group-4.5 - 6.5 years.

 Our teachers are professionals in their field!

All our Teachers have higher pedagogical education and experience working with preschoolers from 4 years old. Our network successfully operates a "school of teachers", in which new employees undergo additional training "standards of the Gornitsa-Uzornitsa network".

Always a nice price. (The cost of a visit)

The price of our garden, together with a large number of additional services included in the price, make our network stand out in the service market. Thanks to the unified management and the size of the network, we are able to combine the high quality of our services with a relatively low price. (Stock)

 The unique system of adaptation for a 100% result!

When adapting, we take into account the individual characteristics of the child and offer various options for preparing the child for the garden. An experienced psychologist monitors the adaptation process and gives parents and teachers the necessary recommendations for a more successful adaptation, in each case.

The possibility of video surveillance guarantees parents full control of the situation and peace of mind during the adaptation period! 

 Staff photographer

Only in our gardens there is a full-time photographer who conducts photo sessions of our children. After that, parents receive photos of their child as a gift.