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English for schools

The private school Redbridge Schools offers intensive English language training for Your children. Constant practice of speaking and communicating with your peers and qualified teachers will allow you to quickly and easily switch to communicating in English.

To do this, the country has created a national reform team consisting of leading experts in teaching, developing training programs and materials, as well as a system for assessing English language skills.

"To date, the team has conducted an initial study of the existing practice of learning English in secondary schools throughout Uzbekistan, including visiting lessons, meeting with teachers, and analyzing curricula and materials used in lessons and for extracurricular activities," the Ministry of public education said.

Wendy Arnold, a leading British consultant in the field of teaching English at school, was invited to participate in the discussion of the first results of research and study the experience of writing textbooks for primary and secondary schools.

Ms. Arnold has 25 years of experience training English language teachers and creating a new generation of textbooks. She has worked as a consultant on educational reform projects in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Arnold was also a consultant to a group of authors of textbooks for primary schools in Uzbekistan and is already familiar with the country's public education system.  

Wendy Arnold and the national project team will work to create a state - of-the-art program to improve the skills of English language teachers in secondary schools. The modules of this program will also be used in the system of training future English language teachers in 17 universities of the country.

Based on the results of the entire program, the project team will develop a further action plan for reforming the system of teaching English at school, taking into account best national and international practices. 

The school's activities correspond to the main directions of education modernization and leading international educational trends. The school has created a unique atmosphere that motivates you to be successful and effective in different areas. it is prestigious to study well and develop here, everyone will find true friends for life!